Y Combinator Notes – 1

I only have some bullet points here without any category.

  • Wait until a great idea, do not waste your time otherwise
  • Think about defensibiliy, this saves you 10 years
  • Bad idea + pivoting -> never a big company, most big companies start with a great idea
  • Good startups usually take 10 years (and not 2-3 years)
  • Great ideas seem bad to some people, and good to some people
  • Take over a small subset of a market
  • Growth of the market is more important than the current size of the market your company will be operating in
  • You cannot create a market which is not there
  • Ask why today is the perfect time, and not 4 years ago or 5 years from now
  • The idea should be easy to explain to some non-tech. guy
  • Companies with only the small differentiator usually fail
  • While still student, think about new ideas
  • While still student, meet potential cofounders
  • Always first focus on the changing need, not on the product
  • Idea <-> Company <-> Produt cycle is everything, the rest is just easy stuff like talking to the customers
  • Talk to the users
  • Build something users love, not users like
  • Do something small groups can love, this is much easier to expand (word of mouth etc.)
  • Don’t do something that everyone loves, big companies will do that
  • Start with a simple product
  • Give very quick response to the user problems
  • Have users that give you regular feedback, and be extremely close to them; respond immediately etc.
  • Feedback loop is really very important
  • – Ask users what they pay for
  • – What features matter more
  • – Metric: focus on growth


[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4_14pZlJBs&list=PLQ-uHSnFig5MaafmEhFox7rO-b0RxQth-

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