Freedom Convoy in Canada

Earlier this month a vaccine mandate for truckers who cross US border implemented by Canada government. This made truckers revolt against the vaccine mandate and they started to gather together to protest.

Now The Convoy of Freedom is at the streets of Ottawa. And according to local police protest is being conducted peacefully. People in the protest don’t want vaccination passports, vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Not only the truckers also citizens are welcoming trucker convoy when they are passing from their town.

Also according to Evan Balgord, who is the director of “Canadian Anti-hate Network”, this protest may attract far right groups. Even Justin Trudeau and his family are located to a secret location due to security risks.

It is not certain what will be the consequence of this protest. Will the vaccine mandate be cancelled or will truckers go on a strike and maybe, a situation can happen just like in the UK when gas stations and markets were empty due to lack of truckers.

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