The Matrix Resurrections

Does it dishonor the trilogy?

The sequel movie for the legendary Matrix Trilogy, The Matrix Resurrections was released in theaters on the 22nd of December. Many fans around the world were excited for this new movie coming after many years since The Matrix Revolutions.

Excitement was not the only feeling the fans were feeling. Most fanatic fans were afraid that Wachowski Sisters would distort the universe they created twenty years ago. This could be done in terms of money, political correctness and appealing to a wider audience.

I am not a fanatic fan of the Matrix universe.  But I can say when I saw the first movie I was not able to make it meaningful due to my age but after years when I watched the trilogy again, I was getting more red pilled if you know what I mean. But after watching the last movie I can say even the Wachowski Sisters do not respect their artwork. So to be honest the fans in the category of gatekeepers are not wrong in their disappointment.

Beware of spoilers. I want to mention about the Matrix Resurrections, at the end of the third movie Neo sacrificed himself and had an agreement with the machines for peace and saved the people of Zion. Fourth movie starts with many references to the old trilogy but in a disrespectful and mocking way. Neo is resurrected as mentioned in the movie title but is not aware of himself due to blue pills every day he took from his therapist who is the new Architect of the new Matrix. Interesting part that in the world of the machines there is a kind of democracy and competition in order to manage the human farms so this new architect has a new idea keeping Neo and Trinity together in Matrix unaware of themselves to architect can maximize energy yield of the Matrix.

Maybe the most disappointing part was the new Morpheus which is a written program by Neo himself by his new identity in the Matrix, and well he is the game developer of the game Matrix in the Matrix. This character was a little bit dorky, compared to wise and cool old Morpheus. I don’t know if this was a good way to give references. As a regular viewer I kind of liked the new innovations in the city Io which is the new Zion. And I liked the fact that now some of the machines and programs of Matrix are helping people to their cause. I thought machines had a hivemind.

There won’t be a fifth movie according to producer of the Resurrections James McTeigue. I think it could be better not filming the fourth movie. But the producers and text writers depended on the memory and hype of the old trilogy to make money. It could have been a sequel like Blade Runner 2049.

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